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Christmas Message

To everyone,

Greetings of love, joy and peace in this holy season of Christmas!

We hear from the Gospel of Luke (2:15-20) that after the angels had left the shepherds, they went with haste to Bethlehem and see this event that has taken place. The Lord Himself has made known this revelation.

Like the shepherds, we gather as a pilgrim family, a Church community to hear and to re-experience the events surrounding the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas draws us close to the manger where we reminisce the scene of Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus. There, we hope to find or to re-discover Jesus for ourselves. Drawing close to Jesus will make our hearts renewed and will fill us with joy, peace and love. Jesus’ abiding presence will give us special blessings.

Like Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the manger, we gather with family members, relatives and friends exchanging wonderful memories, exchanging gifts and creating new beautiful memories. As we gather with them, we listen to the stories of Jesus’ birth and make known to our children these stories, which reveal the great love of God to us because He has sent His son, our Lord Jesus Christ to the world to save us. In this way, we pass on our faith to them. Let us be amazed again and be filled with awe in these stories that are part of our faith. In turn, we may treasure them in our hearts like our Blessed mother Mary and may we be inspired in doing good deeds.

Finally, like the shepherds, as we continue our daily activities, our respective tasks, our respective vocations in life, we glorify, praise and thank God for all the things that we have heard, seen and experienced in this joyous season. Strengthened and renewed, we resume our pilgrimage stronger and determined as ever. The reason is that we believe in our God who fulfills His promises and we hope in our God who saves.

May all of us have a wonderful and blessed Christmas season! God bless you with every physical and spiritual blessing!

Let us continue to pray for one another!

In Christ,

Rev. Fr. Bernabe Millan J. Sajonas

Parish Priest

The Pastoral Zone of Notre-Dame de la Nativité

Canadian Martyrs

St. Lucy

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