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My materials


          Generally, materials, properties of Fr. Bernabe Millan J. Sajonas can be used freely for personal, Church and academic purposes, thus, the materials are not for profit as they could freely be utilized by individuals or groups. Kindly acknowledge the Web site "In Ministerio Dei et Verbi Sui" and its owner, Fr. Bernabe Millan J. Sajonas for the materials availed in this Web site.

           If the materials could not be used or copied, this will be indicated.

           Ideas, writings and blogs are my works. However, if there are materials taken from other authors and sources, they will be properly acknowledged. Most pictures, quotations, writings and drawings are a mixture of materials that I have done, written and have photographed but there might have been materials used in the Web site that were given by some friends, might have been taken from the Vatican Web site, or might have been downloaded on Facebook. LET ME KNOW OF ANY ERROR AND ANY CONTENT UNINTENTIONALLY MISREPRESENTED IN THIS WEB SITE, I WILL TRY TO CORRECT AND TO IMPROVE THE MENTIONED ERROR/S. IF THERE ARE MATERIALS THAT YOU THINK THAT I NEED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE SOURCES OR AUTHORS, KINDLY CONTACT ME THROUGH MY EMAIL:


Materials of other authors


         There are materials that come from other authors and sources so people who plan to use them should acknowlege the authors and sources of these materials. IF I HAVE OMITTED OR INCORRECTLY ACKNOWLEDGED ANYONE OR MENTIONED SOURCES OF MATERIALS USED IN THIS WEB SITE, REST ASSURED THAT IT IS UNINTENTIONAL. KINDLY LET ME KNOW THE MISTAKES. IT WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. MY EMAIL:

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