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About Me

       Reverend Father Bernabe Millan J. Sajonas, SSL

       A Roman Catholic Priest 

       Diocese of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada


       Place of Origin: Philippines

       Birthday: May 13

       Diaconate Ordination: December 8 2006

                                       (St. Joseph Parish, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan)

       Ordination to the Priesthood: May 11 2007

                               (Sacred Heart Cathedral, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan)


        Licentiate in Sacred Scripture, SSL (Biblicum, Rome, Italy)


       Email Address:



         Parish Priest of  Notre Dame de Lourdes, North Battleford,                                                                      Saskatchewan.

         Parish Priest of St. André Apôtre, North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

         Spiritual Advisor to the Filipino Community in Battleford and Area.


          Chaplain of St. Mary Community School





Presentations/Research Experience/Unpublished Works


•   Jesus’ Testing Narrative in Matthew 4:1-11: A Literary-Critical Analysis (Thesis) (Pontifical Biblical              Institute, Rome, Italy) 15/06/2015


•   The Birthright: An Intertextual Analysis of its Passages (Seminar Paper) (Pontifical Biblical Institute,          Rome, Italy) 09/12/2014


•   שָׁלַט (Seminar Paper) (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel) 23/01/2013


•   Apocalyptic Writings, Thoughts and Movements in the Book of Daniel (Course Paper) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy) 08/01/2015


•   Matthew 16:19-21: Where is your treasure? There your heart will also be! (Course Paper) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy) 16/01/2015


•   Matthew 2:13-15: The Flight to Egypt and its Teachings (Course Paper) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy) 17/02/2014


•   Luke 11:37-54: Teachings on Integrity and Discipleship (Course Paper) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome Italy) 08/02/2014


•   Daniel 3:1-4:7: Aramaic Commentary (Course Paper) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy) 01/10/2014


•   The Story of Moses’ Vocation in Exodus 2:23-4:17: A Typical Prophetic Scene (Course Paper) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy) 30/05/2014


•   Your Faith Has Saved You: A Literary-Critical Analysis of Matthew 9:20-22 (Course Paper) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy) 30/05/2013


•   God’s Spirit and Man’s Spirit in 1QHodayota Column VIII (Course Paper) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy) 30/05/2013


•   The Great Sanhedrin from 200 BCE to 70 CE: Origin and its Functions (Course Paper) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Jerusalem, Israel) 23/01/2013


Research Experience


•   Biblical Archaeology and Geography (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Jerusalem, Israel) Aug 2012-Feb 2013


•   Old Testament History (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel) Aug 2012-Feb 2013


•   New Testament History (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Jerusalem, Israel) Aug 2012-Feb 2013


Professional Development (Public Conferences Attended)


•   The Dead Sea Scrolls: Judaism on the Eve of Christianity by Professor Lawrence H. Schiffman (The J. S. Lieberman Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy) 20/02/2015


•   Deuteronomy. A Prophetic Book in the Torah and its Relation to the Books of the Corpus Propheticum, tenuta dal Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Eckart Otto ( Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät) (Professor at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy) 24/10/2015


•   Prof. Dr. Geza Vermes (professore emerito di studi ebraici ed emeritus Fellow del Wolfson College di Oxford): My Lifelong Involvement with the Dead Sea Scrolls(Professor at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy)12/03/2012


•   Which Semitic Language Did Jesus and Other Contemporary Jews Speak? By Prof. Dr. Steven E. Fassberg (Professor at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel) (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, Italy) 21/10/2011




•   Biblical Studies (Exegesis, Biblical Theology, Biblical Archaeology)


•   Religion (Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism)


•   Philosophy (Philosophy of Religion, Theodicy, Ethics, Epistemology, Cultural Anthropology, Bioethics)


•   Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Egyptology)


•   Travel and Culture (Arts, monuments, ancient ruins, sculptures, ancient treasures)

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