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The Saints

"Praise in his holy name; rejoice O heart that seeks the Lord. Entreat the Lord and his might; constantly search his face." Psalm 104:3-4/ 105:3-4

As we celebrate the Feast of All the Saints, we come to realize that these saints are men and women like ourselves who have lived ordinary lives. They were not born perfect and they had weaknesses and limitations. Sainthood is a gift from God and these men and women have become saints through God's grace and assistance. In their lives, they have acknowledged their need of God, alw​ays seeking and searching for God's presence. Their respective earthly journey is characterized by constant conversion to the Lord.

The saints remind us that it is possible to live in relationship with God and answer to his call of holiness in life. The saints are a constant reminder of human transformation. Life on earth may not be perfect and easy but the essential human action is always to cling and trust in the Lord like the saints who have gone before us.

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