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In Preparation for the New Liturgical Year 2016

Greetings everyone!

I hope and pray that you are all doing great!

Today is exciting for me because it marks the launching of "IN MINISTERIO DEI ET VERBI SUI." May this web site be a tool for those who want to study and reflect about the Catholic Faith through the Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Church.

In preparation for the New Liturgical Year 2016, I have tried to publish the Web site way beyond the scheduled time so that people may have access to the Adult Faith Education page, which contains materials for the Jubilee Year of Mercy. I will try to add more materials for the Year of Mercy and entries for Adult Faith Education.

As I mentioned in my facebook, this web site is an ongoing process and it is evolving. Receving about 50 suggestions on things that I can do to my web site, I have taken into consideration some of them and the rest will be integrated later. Thank you for your encouragement and taking time to suggest things that I can do to improve the web site.

The Web site is

Here are some of the features of the web site:

1. Bible Study resources and guides

2. Adult Faith Education resources such as liturgy, canon law, church fathers, etc..

3. Highlight of the theme of the Liturgical Year proposed by Vatican

4. My upcoming activites/works

5. Blog

6. Discussions and insights

7. Online Catholic links and resources

8. Link to Universalis


For now, please access the page for the Year of Mercy and start preparing for this Jubilee Year!

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